EonCoat | Industrial Corrosion Resistant Coating
EonCoat Performance Coating
Corrosion resistant ceramic coating that can actually flex with steel.
Ideal for hot & cold weather applications.
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  • Excellent protection against corrosion and abrasion in extreme environments
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  • With a flame spread rating of 0, EonCoat provides resistance beyond fire retardant
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  • Protect against salt spray in marine areas
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5x More Corrosion Resistant Than Leading Corrosion Paints & Coatings
After 45 days in seawater corrosion chamber, the plate with the leading commercial coating is severely corroded while EonCoated plate still looks like new.

EonCoat Industrial Coating

Originated through research preformed at Argonne National Laboratories and tested at Weldon Labs, EonCoat is a revolutionary step forward in ceramic coating. The coating actually bonds with the substrate creating an alloyed layer that does not corrode and forms a dense, protective ceramic coating in minutes. Beyond the advanced corrosion protection provided, the technology in this new coating can withstand extreme industrial conditions. Performance includes 0% flame-spread fire retardant, waterproofing, abrasion protection, and steam/high pressure wash-down protection.

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