EonCoat Industrial Coating Applications Process | EonCoat

Easy to Apply - Saves on Labor & Material Costs


EonCoat, is a two component system applied using a plural (2K) spray gun. Mix the coating in a 1:1 ratio, and spray on using simple plural spray equipment. The process requires no special heating equipment or other apparatus.

Labor costs make up roughly 60-80% of paint jobs. The simple application process for EonCoat corrosion, abrasion and heat resistant coating lowers labor costs while providing a higher quality protective barrier.

Prep Surfaces Faster


Unlike most coatings, EonCoat does not require labor intense surface prep. If the substrate is steel give it a commercial blast to SSPC-SP6/NACE3. No need to sandblast until there is a bright metal surface for the paint to stick to since slight oxidation on the surface allows for the best chemical reaction.

For concrete and masonry, SSPC SP13/NACE 6 is sufficient.

Prime coat is unnecessary for all substrates except plastic so workers can get the job done faster and there is no need to purchase primer.

EonCoat Predator System Training

This short video provides details on equipment and spraying EonCoat with the Predator System.

NO VOC's, NO Odor, Use Anywhere At Any Time


The two component process is why EonCoat doesn't require the Hazardous Volatile Organic Compounds that other paints do, so it's easy to get the job done faster without sacrificing quality, and meet all state and federal environmental regulations.

Paint buildings and other structures while people other than the painters are in the area because there is no odor from HAP's and VOC's like there is with other paints and coatings.

Because it can be applied to cold or hot surfaces from 50°F (10°C) to 120°F (48°C), it can be applied without having to wait for equipment to cool or the weather to warm, saving time and labor costs.