About EonCoat


Formed in 2002, Latitude 18, Inc owns the intellectual property and licenses it to EonCoat, LLC, the manufacturer of EonCoat coatings.

Argonne National Labs created the original material for EonCoat, called Ceramicrete™, for the Department of Energy as a method of shielding radioactive waste. Research on the technology began in the late 1980’s, and in 1994, R&D Magazine recognized Ceramicrete™ technology as one of the best 100 inventions of the year. There are currently 23 Ceramicrete™ patents.

About the CEO


Tony Collins, a successful entrepreneur from the power generation industry, recognized the importance of the technology to society and assembled a team to bring the benefits of this technology to everyone. Now the same technology that the US Government uses to store nuclear materials safely can provide this ultimate corrosion protection for a wide range of industrial uses.

EonCoat, LLC manufactures EonCoat in a 100,000 square foot facility near the research triangle in Wilson, NC.

Well-funded, EonCoat, LLC has solid technology, good systems & processes, and talented people. Having invested millions of dollars of personal funds in developing the technology over the years, we are not at the mercy of changes in the capital marketplace. We encourage anyone interested in our corrosion resistant coatings to visit our R&D facilities in North Carolina.

EonCoat is shipped direct to end users from the Wilson facility. We will warrant the performance of our coatings applied by a certified EonCoat contractor for 5 years.

For more information, contact us at 754.222.4919, or fill out our online form.