EonCoat's Protection Properties

What makes EonCoat different is the level of protection it provides. Originally developed for nuclear and military uses, EonCoat is not simply advanced performance paint. It is a new technology. The coating actually bonds with the substrate to form a dense, protective ceramic coating in minutes. And unlike other ceramics EonCoat is ductile, which means it has a level of flexibility, allowing it to flex with steel when necessary.

This protective coating can withstand extreme industrial conditions. Performance includes 0% flame-spreadfire retardant, waterproofing, abrasion protection, and steam/high pressure wash-down protection.

Normal conditions found in nature, including long-term submersion in seawater will have no negative impact on the coating.

EonCoat Superior Protection

Corrosion Proof

5X more corrosion resistant

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Abrasion Resistance

More abrasion resistant than epoxies

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Chemical Resistance

Nearly insoluble to most chemical attacks

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Flame Resistance

With a flame spread rating of zero

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Nearly insoluble to most chemical attacks

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EonCoat Corrosion Test Chamber

119 Q panels each coated with a popular primer or topcoat. One panel is coated with EonCoat. Using a test modeled on NASA's seaspray test, all are sprayed daily with corrosive seawater.


Provide Layers of Protection in a Single Application

EonCoat builds a ceramic layer on top of the new stable surface in a single application. This layer is hard and extremely abrasion resistant and further protects the stable surface from anything that might damage it, including corrosion promoters. As a result, corrosion promoters (like oxygen and humidity) cannot get behind this corrosion resistant coating and migrate the way they can with ordinary paints.

This is a vast improvement over ordinary polymer paints. Polymer paints sit on top of the surface which once breached (even by the tiniest scratch), essentially promote corrosion by trapping in moisture.

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