Industries & Uses

In addition to its superior protection properties, EonCoat greatly reduces the danger of working with highly volatile compounds because it has no VOC's or HAPs. It cannot ignite and because it does not create any toxic vapors, the odor, headaches, and nausea often associated with polyurea and polymer coatings are completely eliminated. EonCoat provides greater corrosion resistance for equipment, greater health protection for workers, and greater protection to the environment by reducing the carbon footprint by 90% and has no hazardous waste for disposal.

EonCoat is the corrosion resistant coating of choice for any industry that can benefit from:

Shorter business disruptions

  • Faster return to service (usually within 1 hour)
  • Faster prep and coating time
  • Reducing seasonality - coat in humid, hot, or cold weather
  • Spray coating near workers (no complaints: no VOC's means no headaches, nausea or odor)

Reduced liability

  • No Flash point means it cannot ignite, even in confined spaces
  • Reduce worker headaches and health problems (no more breathing in toxic fumes)
  • No over-spray minimizes need to tarp nearby areas; no more accidental coating due to overspray

Extended periods between coating and re-coating

  • Longer lasting protection with 5x more corrosion resistance than the leading coating

EonCoat Uses

EonCoat is an excellent option for use as a primer. It has an inert porous surface with a pH of about 11 so almost all paints bond to it easily without further prep.

EonCoat is safer to use in confined spaces than other coatings because it has no VOC's and cannot ignite. It virtually eliminates the risk of a flashpoint fire and the risk of a worker succumbing to fumes.

EonCoat is also an ideal alternative to Polyurea.

The corrosion resistant, fire-retardant, abrasion resistant properties of EonCoat make it ideal for use in many industries.