Rapid Return to Service

Outages can be costly. EonCoat makes it possible to protect assets and get equipment back in service faster than with traditional coating systems.

Fast Return to Service / Shorten Outages:

  • Documented to reduce coating time for tanks by roughly 50%
  • Does NOT require an SSPC-SP5 / NACE 1 surface prep. An SSPC-SP6 / NACE 3 (commercial blast) is sufficient for most steel surfaces, although anything from an SSPC- SP5-11 / NACE 1-5 allows for full bonding strength.
  • For concrete SSPC–SP13 / NACE 6 is all that is required
  • Pipelines do not need to cool down to coat exteriors
  • Single Coat Application, Self-Priming
  • Surface Tolerant
    • Can be applied to damp or tightly rusted surfaces significantly reducing prep costs
    • Extreme tolerance to damp surfaces and high humidity
    • Can be sprayed in inclement weather
    • No additional surface prep necessary if additional coats are desired
  • No overspray problems (coating falls dry within 10’)
  • Fast clean up (coating is water based and cleans up with water)

Fast Setting

EonCoat sets rapidly to enable quick buildup of the coating layer, making a one-coat application practical. EonCoat is so fast setting it is possible to build to a thickness of ¼” in a single coat without run or sag.

In One Coat, EonCoat Provides Two Layers of Protection

At the point of contact, EonCoat creates a chemical reaction that alloys steel. A passive layer forms that can no longer corrode, making the elements (rain, salty air, hot sun) a non-factor since alloyed steel cannot rust.

The ceramic coating then acts as a secondary protection on top of this passive layer.

Learn more about EonCoat’s protective properties.